Technicolor Cinestyle picture style on your Canon DSLR?

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To get the best result out of your footage which you have shot with a DSRL. You want to have as much information as possible into the footage. Technicolor created a great picture style that’s increases the dynamic range of your footage. So basically the footage you have shot will contain more information in the shadows and highlights.

When you are shooting on this picture style you will immediately see a very flat image that definitely needs post processing. But that’s what this picture style is all about! So when you shoot in this picture style you need to colorgrade the footage afterwards. If you want to see my workflow on colorgrading footage you could check out my other blog post.

Basicly I have setted up the same shot with two picture styles in it. Neutral (Canon default) and the Cinestyle. The Canon Neutral preset should contain no adjustments on the video Buy Cialis Online but there is still a big difference with the Cinestyle picture style.

When you look at the video above you will see clear that de neutral picture style has the window blown out for most of you part. On the Technicolor Cinestyle you will see much more detail in window as well in the dark areas of the plant. This allows us to get more out of the image when post processing.

We colorgraded both the picture styles and did no highlight recovery whatsoever. On the neutral picture style we didn’t had enough room to push the highlights or the shadows. So the only thing we could add was a bit op sharpness and adjusting the midtones.

On the Cinestyle the other hand we had a bit more headroom to push the highlights and darkening the shadows. As well as on the neutral style we also added a bit op sharpness to the video.